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Krossfire Paintball is the oldest paintball park in San Antonio Texas. We have served the San Antonio paintball community for over 23 years. We pride ourselves in not only having the best facility for players, but we also strive to have all the latest paintball equipment in our Pro-Shop. We have the widest selection of paintballs and our prices are lower than any other place in town. Krossfire’s guarantee to our customers is that we will have what you need, when you need it. We have made ourselves a one-stop-shop, so you don’t have to run around to different places to get your paintball supplies.

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Current News

Why have we decided to go to field paint only for ALL players?

First, let us explain that this was not a one step decision. This decision was actually a culmination of several small decisions. After consulting with many players and other field owners we realized that there are many paint products that cause problems with the fields, the equipment, and players’ gear. We initially decided to allow only field paint in our rental markers, and allow players with their own equipment to carry on their own paint.

Although this worked well to protect our rental markers, we still had complaints from players that their paintball gun was difficult to clean after being shot by players using paintballs with staining properties; we verified their complaints while cleaning our  own paintball guns  and fields. We also encountered players bringing old paintball stock. This brought up a whole new concern of excessive player injury.

We then decided to allow players to carry on paintballs after shell and fill inspection, but restricted the brand or type. This helped, but as you can imagine there are many brands of paintballs, and many color variations within each brand. We found that not only were some brands more damaging, but also certain colors of good quality paint were staining. At that point our only option to protect our paintball fields and players was to go to field paint only for everyone.

We did hear a few complaints with this decision, and most players who complained about our new field paint only policy had two concerns based upon their experiences at other paintball parks, price and selection.

Our paintball prices are very competitive with most San Antonio  stores in the area. You can find cheaper paintballs, but it is usually this cheaper paintball that has the quality issues we discussed earlier. As for selection, we will have several paints to choose from.

Our goal is to protect our players from injury, to protect the paintball gear in which we both have invested heavily in from staining, and to maintain the integrity of our paintball fields. We welcome your input and suggestions. If you ever have any questions or comments about this issue, or any others, please feel free to contact us. At or

Hours of Operation
Saturday: Closed for Maintenance until further notice.
Sunday: Closed for Maintenance until further notice.
Monday – Friday: Closed for Maintenance until further notice.